Questions and Answers

Where do you get your flowers?

Our flowers are procured whenever possible from local, family farms no more than 20 miles outside of Birch Bay.

What flowers do you use?

Flowers used depend on seasonal availability and hardiness. We will consult with you by email or phone to determine exactly what you would like to see in your crown, and will let you know if those flowers are available. We will make suggestions for specific flower types based on our professional experience. We want our Maidens to be fully pleased and will strive to meet special requests whenever possible.

How long will my flower crown last?

The life of your crown depends on a few factors, including the flowers used and the weather during your event. We endeavor to use long-lasting flowers and tightly secure them on the crown and in their packaging. Unless they are exposed to extreme heat or humidity, crowns will last approximately two days, with the possibility of lasting upwards of three to five days. Some flowers, such as Baby’s Breath, can last for weeks once dried.

How do I care for my flower crown?

Prolonging the beauty of your flower crown is not too different from caring for fresh-cut flower arrangements. Keep the crown in a cool and well ventilated spot out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Avoid placing crowns near heating or cooling vents, under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators. Avoid placing them close to fruit or vegetables. We do not recommend storing your flower crown in the refrigerator. If your flowers have drooped, lightly spritz with water.

What sizes do crowns come in?

Crowns come in two standard sizes: child and adult. Most styles are adjustable from the back for a comfortable fit.

May I purchase multiple crowns?

Of course! We can create multiple, coordinating (or distinct!) crowns for events such as weddings, photoshoots, and runway shows. Please contact us to discuss your order.

Do you gift wrap?

We’re happy to! The crown will be packaged carefully and beautifully. A custom note can be included.

Where else can I find Maiden Flower Crowns?

You may also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and via our newsletter.

Is there anything you cannot do?

We strive to meet all requests but will let you know if something is out of our scope.